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Mr Pumfrey and his Mechanised Perambulator (Summer Edition) Slight Second

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Slight seconds. Please note:
Two available.
One has a detached eye lens which is frosted rather than perfectly clear.
One has a small hole in the side of the body.
In all other respects new and boxed.

Good for customising or refurbishments.

Created by Munky King.
Mr. Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanised Perambulator. Dave Pressler and Julie B teamed up for the original sculpt to capture the intricacies and complexity of Mr. Pumfrey and his steed. The finished piece stands 8 inches tall and features a removable Mr. Pumfrey and lots of detailed gadgetry. Clear lenses house the inner gears and organic tentacles flow out from the cockpit.

Doktor A pulls from the classic steampunk color palette of maroons, greens, copper, and brass to create a piece befitting the genre. This final colorway of Summer Saunter completes the seasonal theme of the series.

8" tall with removable pilot.

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