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Stumpy Warburton "Metal" editions

£20.00 / Sold Out

Proofreader and part time poet, Samuel “Stumpy” Warburton is the founder of the Limbs Can Hold You Back Society.
He is an outgoing, social fellow with ambitions to one day take up hang-gliding.

A 2" tall "cold-cast" metal edition of the popular little Mechtorian.
Sculpted by Doktor A and hand made in England by Baroque Designs (who also produced Colonel Rombus and the Phizogs).

Each piece is signed by the Dok and comes in a card headed bag.

Two versions are still available :
Bronze with green eyes.
Verdegris with green eyes.

Pewter with purple eyes is now SOLD OUT.

Each version is an edition of 100 pieces total, produced over several casting runs.